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Array Global Distance-Based Education
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Array Global has exclusively partnered with the International Partnership of Education Research and Communication (IPERC) to provide distance-based education to help ensure all students have the same opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of where they are located or their family situation. 


Array Global partners with International Partnership of Education Research and Communication (IPERC) to provide the Ready Global Academy (RGA) to institutions throughout the globe.

The RGA is a private online school designed to bring American education to students around the world, no matter where they live. 

US High School Diploma Program

The Program Includes:

  • Students can earn a US accredited and recognized high school diploma.

  • International schools can partner with RGA to provide a US accredited and recognized high school diploma.

  • The personalized curriculum is designed to meet each student's academic needs. Students can take courses over the summer, take an English as a second language course, or look to earn a high school diploma.

  • The following courses are available:  standard, honors, and AP courses, and a dual-enrollment program to earn accredited and recognized US college credit. 

  • Students are prepared for university study and give them the assurance that they can confidently apply to schools knowing that the courses are recognized by institutions worldwide.

Advanced College Credit Pathway




The ACCP is a groundbreaking educational program that partners with top US, UK, and Canadian universities to allow advanced high school or first-year college students to earn up to one year of college education in their own country, which can then be carried over to their future university and applied toward their undergraduate degree.

The Program Includes:

  • The ACCP uses a US college curriculum that is provided and overseen by US partner universities.

  • Students who participate in the program and meet the requirements will receive direct entry to one of our great partner universities and in most cases will not even need to submit a TOEFL or IELTS exam score.

  • The instructors from partner high schools will receive professional development and be qualified as adjunct faculty to teach the course.

  • Students also have the option to take courses online taught by experienced US college faculty.

  • This program allows students to be fully prepared to enter college and gives them a head start on all other entry level college students.​

iStar Class

Research Program
The research program connects students with professors from top universities who are leading groundbreaking research in their field.  Students take an online or in-person course focused on the professor's area of research, and work closely with the professor to write an academic research paper. This program is open to students of all ages, but it is better suited for high school students with previous course knowledge or undergraduate students looking to add to their resumes.

The Program Includes:

  • Academic Writing Workshop

  • Research Field Foundation Courses

  • Research Paper Writing

  • Students Receive

  • Research Experience

  • Potential Letter of Recommendation from Ivy League or G5 UK University Instructors

  • Potential Publication in an Academic Research Journal

  • Research College Credits

  • Online College Credit Courses

  • Our online college credit courses are designed for any student looking to earn additional college credit or explore different career options while saving time and money. Unlike regular online courses that rely on self-studying, iStar Class courses are taught in real-time, allowing for teacher/student interaction, group discussions, and immediate feedback. Additionally, lectures and lecture materials are available after class to reinforce lessons.




The iStar Class College Credit and Research Program, designed by IPERC Academy, is a series of programs taught by Top 30 US University educators for high school students to engage in impactful learning while earning college credits and participating in cutting-edge research. iStar Class gives students authentic college learning experiences, transferable college credit, and the opportunity to earn recommendation letters from ivy league professors. Available online and in several cities around the world, iStar Class utilizes real-time teaching, small class sizes, elite instructors, and affordable prices to give students a unique educational experience, a head start on college, and valuable lifelong skills.

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