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Get Your School Accredited


Once you complete the application, an Array Global Administrator will contact to introduce themselves, meet you and help get you started on your school's accreditation journey.


After you have met with an Array Global administrator, pay the application fee of $350, and your school's annual accreditation fee of $2,500.


Here to Help


Don't be overwhelmed by confusing and complicated accreditation processes.


Array Global Accreditation is designed to be easy to be understand with a process that is easy to follow. We are here to help.


Dr. Jacob Francom

Associate Executive Director


Dr. Ray Lindley

Executive Director

Once you complete the application for accreditation we will send you a link to our web-based accreditation report for you to fill out.


The report contains sections for your school to complete before our accreditation team visits your school. Don't worry! We will be in contact with you all along the way.


To preview a copy of the report you will be filling out, select your school type below:

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