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Array Global Certification

Array Global certifies STEM / STEAM programs, specialized educational programs, and educational consulting providers. Programs and providers must meet certain standards of quality to ensure they are providing a quality program and services. Being certified through Array Global is a symbol of quality and achievement. 

Certification Report
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Specialized Education Program
Certification Report
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Education Consulting
Certification Report
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Array Global certified institutions receive the following benefits:


Certified Institutions will receive a certificate they may display and use to promote their program. Certification shows that the institution’s specialized program meets a high standard of quality.


Array Global is a standard of quality recognized throughout the world. Students who graduate from Array Global certified institutions will be recognized as graduates from institutions known for their high quality and globally-minded students.

In addition, Array Global certified institutions are eligible to apply for these services:

Professional Development.png


Teachers and administrators of certified institutions are eligible to receive discounts on professional development specialized for their program, including online and face-to-face workshops.



Certified institutions are eligible to receive discounts on consulting services specialized for to their program.

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