Array Global Educational Services Inc. is a United States registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. The directors of Array Global have over 100 years of experience in education and over 50 years of those working with all types of institutions throughout the world. Further, the directors have worked with various accreditation bodies, consulted with schools throughout the world and have provided professional development.

We are excited to share with you and your teachers, students, and parents our collective experience and knowledge. We strongly believe that our mission statement defines who we are and what we do:

“Partnering with institutions in their improvement efforts to ensure students are prepared for a global society.”

Our focus and goal is to help all institutions improve and we believe that when institutions improve, communities improve, and when communities improve our world improves. We are focused on ensuring all students have a quality education so they can in turn improve the world.

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Our Philosophy:


We work with institutions and institutional leaders as partners. We believe that we all desire the same thing--the best schools possible.  We want to partner with all institutions and institutional leaders as colleagues.


We work with many categories of schools--K-12, primary, middle, high, international, national, distance-based, and non-degree granting post-secondary vocational/career programs that want to improve their institutions.  We work with and accredit institutions in several countries including the United States.


We strongly believe that real school improvement is best demonstrated by whether or not the students are learning and growing, in both academic and character development.


We believe that we should expand the definition of "students" to go beyond the ones who sit in our classrooms and include ourselves, as we all must be constantly learning. We are all students--we learn from each other. It is only when we realize that learning never stops for any of us that we can truly inspire the students in classrooms to treasure the value of learning.


Our world has recently been made tragically aware that we really do need to understand each other and work together to make a better world. Opening our eyes and the eyes of our students about the world in which we live--with its tragedies, successes, and various cultural norms, will help us all become more open and accepting of everyone.


Our Board of Directors:

Dr. Ray Lindley
Executive Director &
Member of Founding Board
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Dr. Ray Lindley has been a professional educator for many years. He completed his Bachelor of Arts

degree in Language and Literature, Master of Science in Educational Administration and Doctor of Education degree in Counseling Psychology. He has been a director for the Department of Education in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction where he helped regulate schools in the U.S. Dr. Lindley has been an administrator for accrediting international schools for over 20 years. He recently was named by his university as educator of the year and then alumnus of the year. Dr. Lindley has been president of the National Association of State Textbook Administrators and president of the National Association of State Administrators & Supervisors of Private Schools. In addition, he has provided expert witness reports on educational issues for legal firms.

aSSOCIATE Executive Director &
Member of Founding Board

Dr. Jacob Francom has worked with schools in the U.S. and abroad for several years. He completed his Bachelor of

Science in Chemistry and Physics, Master of Arts in Russian Language, Literature, and Linguistics, Master of Education in Educational Leadership, and Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership. He has been a principal of both private and public schools, a superintendent of a school district, and a professor. He has worked with different accreditation bodies and enjoys working with international schools around the globe. Dr. Francom has been named principal of the year and recognized as educational leader of the year by his university.

Member of Founding Board
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Dr. Salam Noor has been a professional educator for many years at the local, state, and national level. His most recent experience includes serving as Chief State

Schools Officer for Oregon, Director of University Policy and Planning for the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Chief Academic Officer/Deputy Superintendent for Salem-Keizer Schools, and Assistant State Superintendent for the Oregon Department of Education. Dr. Noor has taught education policy and political science at several universities, including Portland State University, Western Oregon University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Utah. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Noor earned a doctorate from the University of Utah; master's and bachelor's degrees from Eastern Washington University; and a certificate of Executive Leadership from Harvard University. Currently Dr. Noor is President and CEO of Education Consultants International, LLC, and focuses on executive leadership coaching and school improvement and innovation strategies for K-12 systems, colleges, and universities.

Array Associates:

Dr. mahgoub Alarabi
Associate Director
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Dr. Mahgoub Alarabi is an experienced academician and a professional educator. He completed his Bachelor of English language and

literature, Master in Applied linguistics Master in Applied linguistics in vocabulary acquisition, and Ph.D. in applied linguistics from University of Malaysia Pahang in the field of task complexity. He has a demonstrated history of more than 20 years of experience working as an Academic Board Chairman and Academic Director in international schools in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His administrative roles have included promoting and safeguarding all the aspects of the academic matters respecting the curricula,  assessment, strategic plans, maintenance of academic standards, assuring quality of education as well as achieving harmony among schools with the power to establish rules. He is passionate about making a change and enjoys the challenge of setting the path to a successful teaching-learning process. He has worked with different accreditation bodies and enjoys working with international schools. He is skilled at applying technology in education, developing student-centered pedagogy, and enhancing an international mindset while respecting the local heritage. He adopted the slogan of “work HARD, dream BIG, and NEVER STOP trying”.

Mr. Danny

Associate Director
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Mr. Danny Eichelberger has worked in education for over twenty-five years. He completed his Bachelor of Science, and a

Master of Arts in Education. He has held the role of principal in elementary, middle, and high school learning environments and has coordinated adult education services for the Clark County School District. He currently works with private school systems as a learning strategist. He was recognized as teacher of the year and the school's he supervised were awarded the Superintendent's Honor Roll in 2019 and 2020. He has expanded his reach through engaging in accreditation processes in the United States and in the Middle East. He is excited to bring his talents to Array Global Educational Services as the new Associate Director.

Mr. Khaled Mohamed
Regional Coordinator
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Mr. Khaled Abdul Hakim Mohamed, has worked as an educational consultant and trainer for more than 23 years. He

Mr. George
Europe & Central Asia
Regional Coordinator
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Mr. George Makhviladze has worked in international education and business for several years. He studied computing and

robotics at Georgia Technical University and has worked in various positions in many different countries. He has worked as the Head of the International Stock and Commodity Exchange in Tbilisi, Georgia and was the Deputy Minister of Tourism in Georgia. He also was instrumental in establishing the first study-abroad program between Georgia and the United Kingdom. Currently Mr. Makhviladze is the Executive Director of the prestigious, private boarding school in Leysin, Switzerland, Malvern College Switzerland. He is also the President of FEYDEY Educational Group which runs a robust global K-12 online education program, international Olympiads, and educator professional development. Having spent 22 years in international education, George has extensive experience and knowledge of global education and modern pedagogy.

has held leadership roles and provided guidance in accreditation processes, has participated and guided many international schools to establish effective school improvement plans and teacher professional development plans. He has written several books on phonics, grammar, character building, and academic standards.


Our Organizational Documents:

Array Global Educational Services Inc. is a United States registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and follows specific organizational bylaws, policies, and procedures. These documents are linked below for your information.

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