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Array Global Sister School Program
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​Array Global partners with International Partnership of Education Research and Communication (IPERC) to provide sister school services to institutions throughout the globe.


Free for Array Global Accredited Schools, the sister school program is customized for each school to meet the needs and academic goals of the individual school and community. Developing a sister-school relationship is not only beneficial for all involved, but it also provides cultural enrichment to all participants.


Contact us today to begin customizing your perfect sister school match!

Benefits for Schools:

  • Developing a Sister School relationship improves each school’s international presence and prestige while allowing many opportunities for professional development.

  • Scholarships are offered to outstanding students to promote continued international learning.

  • Administrators are able to meet and interview students at their sister school who could potentially become international exchange students.

Benefits for Students:

  • Intercultural Awareness

  • Increased Global Awareness

  • Deeper Understanding of One’s Own Culture

  • Leadership Opportunities

  • Academic Opportunities

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