Meet Our Consultants
Dr. Saad Aldosary

Dr. Saad Aldosary is an accomplished professor and educator with many years of experience. He is also a member of the King Saud University Board of Assessor for Annual Internal Audit and Assessment. He has worked as an educational consultant and information security consultant.

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Mr. Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali is a curriculum developer, material writer and Educational Consultant. He has been involved in the accreditation processes for 8 years now, both as a consultant and as a reviewer, helping schools with their accreditation endeavors. He has a keen interest in professional development programs and teacher training and has been a featured speaker in several seminars and webinars.  

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Mr. John Barlow

John Barlow serves as a Director of School Academic Supports for Academica Nevada – a charter school service provider in the Las Vegas area. John earned a master’s degree in educational leadership, served as both a high school principal and superintendent, and has been involved with school improvement efforts and accreditation for the past 20 years both within his state and abroad.

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Mr. Nathan Brown

Nathan (Nate) Brown has an extensive and renowned career working with local governments, State agencies, and the Federal Government, including school districts, libraries, and parks.  He is an experienced facilities planner and construction process manager and facilitator, with many years of experience as a Building Official and administrator.

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Mr. Danny Eichelberger

Danny Eichelberger serves as principal of Goolsby Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Goolsby is currently the highest performing elementary school in the Clark County School District and a distinguished recipient of the Superintendent’s Honor Roll. Mr. Eichelberger holds a Master's Degree in Education Administration. He has 24 years of experience working as an educator in public schools from Kindergarten to Adult Education.

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Dr. Andrew Grover

Dr. Andrew Grover has spent his career working at the local, district, and state levels to create a better educational system for all students. He has served in urban and rural schools and has worked with administrators and teachers in the United States and around the globe. Dr. Grover currently serves as the Executive Director of the Idaho Association of School Administrators, serving and training administrators statewide. 

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Dr. Kellerer has 25 years of educational experience.  He works as a consultant and inspirational speaker in more than 30 countries.  He specializes in strategic planning, innovative development for schools and team building for all schools.

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Ms. Jessica LeNeave

Jessica LeNeave has spent the last 15 years of her profession building charter schools in Utah and Nevada, United States.  She has served as teacher, mentor, and administrator in schools.  Having been asked to serve in leadership capacities very early in her career, she understands the value of seeking mentorship and advice.  Her mission is to continue to promote and help grow the great leaders around the world who selflessly share their knowledge and expertise.

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Ms. Gema Liberty

Gema Liberty has been an educator for over 20 years.  She is passionate about the profession and serving the people who dedicate their lives to other peoples' children.  She hopes to share many of the things she wishes others had shared with her along the way.  Gema continues to read, study, and share best practices with teachers and teacher leaders.  She continues to promote real talk and reflection in the profession.

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Dr. Ahmed Mahdy

Ahmed Mahdy is a trained medical doctor and has used his medical experience and knowledge in managing a host of companies, organizations, and schools. He helped start an international school in Cairo and has led the school successfully for several years. He is an entrepreneur who understands private business and school operations and has made an impact on his school, community, city, and the country of Egypt.

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Mr. Khaled Mohamed

Khaled Abdul Hakim Mohamed, has worked as an academic consultant and trainer for more than 22 years, has played leadership roles and guidance in accreditation processes, has participated and guided many schools in different countries to establish effective school improvement plans and teacher professional development plans. 

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Dr. Salam Noor

Dr. Salam Noor has been a professional educator for many years at the local, state, and national level. Dr. Noor has taught education policy and political science at several universities. A Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Noor earned a doctorate from the University of Utah and a certificate of Executive Leadership from Harvard University. Dr. Noor focuses on executive leadership coaching and school improvement and innovation strategies for K-12 systems, colleges, and universities.

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Dr. Mike Poe

Dr. Poe has over 40 years of educational experience, including classroom teacher, school administrator, school accreditation leader/team member, presenter and consultant. He is dedicated to the improvement of the educational process so students receive the best education possible.

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Dr. Lori Sanchez

Dr. Lori Sanchez has many years experience as a teacher, trainer, college professor, and now college Dean. She has taught Educational Psychology, Foundations of Teaching, and Cultural Diversity. She is a very experienced educator having presented throughout the world and being part of accreditation visits in several countries. Lori specializes in working with schools in teacher development, curriculum planning, and school improvement organization.

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Dr. Robert Sanchez

Dr. Robert Sanchez is the Vice President of Idaho Business for Education. Robert advises educational leadership teams on strategy, change, and organizational performance. In addition to evaluating, designing, and implementing operational changes, he works directly with business leaders, school administrators, and teachers on how to best channel their capacities and capabilities to accelerate student success.

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