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We host free professional development workshops on-line the third Saturday of each month August through May.

If you would like to participate in these monthly workshops you may register through the link below.

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16 December

Join us in December for our third Saturday workshop "Developing Community Support for Your School" presented by Array Global Associate Director, Dr. Mike Poe. 

Discover tools and strategies to develop community support and harness the power of parent volunteers for enhancing student achievement in your school.

Mark your calendar for December 16th, 6pm UTC. 

2023.11 Engaging Minds Elevating Abilities2.jpg

In case You missed it...

18 November

Explore differentiated instruction with Dena Scott, special education teacher extraordinaire and administrator, and develop skills to engage and immerse your students in accelerated learning.

2023.11 Engaging Minds Elevating Abilities .jpg

21 October

Array Global Administration, Dr. Ray Lindley and Dr. Jacob Francom present methods to unlock the potential in every learner. Learn exciting ways to help all of your students succeed regardless of their individual learning needs.

2023.10 Unlocking Potential Every Learner.jpg

19 August

Internationally known English teacher, Mr. Feruz Akbarov presents his top tips on English acquisition, discusses pitfalls to avoid and ways to effectively leverage new opportunities to support all students in their language acquisition.

2023.09.16 TESL.jpg

19 August

Dr. and Mrs. Grover give educators tips to start the year off right so students are engaged, learning, and the school culture is a place students want to be.

2023.08.19 Starting School Year Off Right 4.jpg
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